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Revenue growth management

Many revenue management initiatives fail to translate their promised benefits into action and value because they lack the correct data or selling story to back them up or are not implemented correctly. We can help with both. We help your team develop their revenue growth management capabilities through gamified simulation, exploring a range of approaches to turning their plans into valuable commercial growth. Our consultancy offering delivers real ROI across your key focus areas, from strategic price positioning to trade terms.

Areas we support

Strategic price positioning

Retailers are demanding more. No longer will they accept a reactive approach; they want long-term pricing plans that show your brands are the best fit for overcoming global pricing challenges.

We’ll help prepare your teams to manage challenging conversations around pricing and put processes in place to successfully develop and implement new strategies.


Pack price architecture

If you want to show retailers how your product portfolio meets market demands, it must link together seamlessly with your pack pricing architecture.

We work with your team to develop this connection, establishing sufficient differentiation in your pack solutions and finding opportunities to link to demand spaces.


Active mix management

In order to drive penetration and frequency of purchase without compromising on competitiveness, your teams must understand how customer profitability is tied to SKU-level prioritisation.

We help your commercial teams drive volume sales of your most profitable SKUs and create account plans that reflect the active customer mix on a market level.


Promotion management

Effective promotion management is key to driving category growth, increasing customer support and solidifying share gain in the spaces you want to dominate.

We work with your team to devise promotional plans that drive category growth in your priority demand spaces, considering the appropriate balance of penetration, frequency and weight of purchase.


Trade terms

To create significant value, your terms must reflect the reality of your commercial operations and ensure you reward the right behaviours. To create value, your terms must reflect the commercial reality of how you operate to ensure you are rewarding the right behaviours.

By ensuring your trade terms are defensible across all customers and aligned to business priorities, you can ensure you’re investing in the right areas and creating consistency between your brands and segments.

Outcomes we deliver


Deliver sustainable profits

By adopting a strategic approach to pricing that considers consumer value in the long term, aligns with business goals and delivers clear benefits, you can secure sustainable organisational profitability. 


Drive category growth

Identify the right promotional activities to engage the right customers, and you’ll drive category growth, deliver shopper value and gain sustainable ROI.


Reduce investment risk

Work with our trade term experts to develop a framework for pricing and investment that incentivises and rewards customers. By ensuring investments are targeted at the right customers and activities, you’ll reduce risk.


Optimise your mix

Maximise returns by actively managing your mix at brand, channel, pack and SKU-level. Our mix management experts will help you to balance volumes across channels and customers, accelerating profitable growth.


Keep up with trade demand

With fast-changing trade landscapes putting pressure on range efficiency, it’s crucial that you deliver the right shopper solution in the right place at the right time. By exposing gaps in your current PPA rationale, we will create a future-focused and coherent PPA that drives physical availability.

Revenue growth management solutions

Discover the tools and solutions your team needs to connect the dots between functional perspectives and data, demystify the 'science' of RGM and become more responsive to customer and shopper needs.

Revenue Management for Customer Managers

Our popular RM4CM programme offers managers the chance to explore the impact of each RGM lever through a fully-interactive trading year simulator trained using your organisation’s data. This innovative approach to encouraging mindset change is supported by key theories and led by experienced consultants.

Designed for customer managers and other commercial/cross-functional team members who influence commercial customer decisions, this simulation challenges existing thinking, builds commercial acumen and embeds learnings through follow-up coaching.

Advanced Revenue Management Programme

In order to understand how your RGM strategy will translate into commercial ROI, you must be able to answer several key questions. Our Advanced Revenue Management Programme provides managers with the skills and processes needed to uncover how you will:

  • Identify and convert RGM opportunities?
  • Ensure broader organisational alignment?
  • Make RGM a fully integrated function within your business?
  • Use your RGM plan to inform the overall business strategy?

Embedding tools

Through our in-depth understanding of how learners learn, we have extended our range and style of interventions

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