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One of the major challenges and opportunities for businesses is the consistency and the visibility of negotiation planning across their organisation. Without it, millions of pounds can be put at risk and significant time wasted through poor internal communications and protracted negotiations.

Total Negotiation Group PARTNER™ App

The mobile version for phones and tablets which replicates the popular PARTNER on a Page. It means that negotiators can thoroughly and quickly prepare negotiations using the Total Negotiation Group Kaleidoscopic Preparation approach. The negotiator is able to assess the situation and prepare the key elements for a negotiation from all relevant perspectives even with little time available. The TN PARTNER™ App produces a summary negotiation plan, so that all parties can be aligned before and during the negotiation. The App manages up to 50 negotiations at once and retains the details of previous engagements to enable historical comparison and better planning for the next one. Total Negotiation Group PARTNER™ App delivers significant commercial value to individuals and businesses where:

  • Team members are conducting negotiations and it is essential that there is consistent and thorough negotiation preparation across the team(s) to deliver the best possible negotiation outcomes
  • Alignment of negotiation strategy is important for individuals and managers
  • Easy access to preparation for previous negotiations will support and assist current preparation and planning


Our Leading Edge app provides a structured & consistent approach to negotiation planning and alignment.

Ensures all negotiation planning best practice is embedded in the day to day.

Partner App is the mobile version of our negotiation planning approach - delivering our programme on your phone

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