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Negotiation strategy

Without effective negotiation skills, your team will struggle to build sustainable relationships, gain a competitive edge or drive commercial value. We support your team in developing their confidence in planning and managing negotiations with hands-on training and consulting solutions that provide the necessary tools, solutions and know-how.

Areas we support


Planning approach

Consistency is key when preparing for a successful negotiation. Suppliers and vendors expect you to bring your A-game; we help your team develop a winning end-to-end approach that considers the risk and reward of each negotiation, delivering value every time.


Developing negotiation skills

A well-prepared plan means little if your team lacks the skills to negotiate the desired result successfully. We help your team develop the robust negotiation skills, behaviours and techniques required to confidently secure agreements while meeting their responsibilities.


Negotiation strategy

Annual cost price increases are a necessity of the FMCG sector. However, it’s critical you take a considered approach to handling the conversation around CPIs with retailers. Our proven CPI methodology ensures you employ the right strategy to sensitively handle this process, considering preparation, alignment and implementation.


Commercial change management

Successfully making large-scale commercial changes across your channels, customers, and categories is no easy task and takes a great deal of coordination. We help leverage commercial benefits while maintaining healthy customer relationships by guiding your preparation, internal alignment, pre-conditioning, risk mitigation and stance planning.

Our success stories


A multinational food company required support to implement a market-wide cost price increase across all retailers.

We helped our client negotiate new positions with major retailers, achieving a pricing increase of over $5m net.

A global F&B business needed help standardising its commercial managers’ negotiation capabilities.

We trained 90 commercial managers to develop consistent and practical global negotiation languages and processes. Our team worked with employees across 17 business units, positively impacting over 80 client relationships across European markets.

Our client gained £2m+ in new commercial value due to our programme.

Our negotiation solutions

Discover the tools and solutions your team needs to build sustainable relationships and drive commercial value through successful negotiations.

Negotiation Foundations

Negotiation Foundations is our mobile app-based solution targeted at entry-level and field sales-based managers looking to quickly understand the basics of successful negotiation.

Participants learn how to be more successful in their negotiations by putting a planning structure in place that supports the key elements of commercial discussions.

Essential Negotiation

Our Essential Negotiation Programme is designed to help participants learn negotiation best practices, using our robust SKATER methodology to quickly builds confidence and competence.

Through an interactive workshop and ongoing coaching sessions, delegates explore the fundamentals of negotiation, the other party’s perspective and how to prepare and plan for successful negotiations. Finally, they get the opportunity to put the insights and skills they’ve gained into practice through roleplay.

Essential Negotiation Online

ENO is an online course based on our Essential Negotiation workshop. ENO digitalises the approaches at the core of our popular workshop to create a practical, repeatable and engaging online learning experience.

Experienced Negotiator

Our most popular programme ensures your teams are equipped with the tools and confidence needed to successfully manage negotiations and create commercial value. This programme is ideal for larger teams that manage multi-faceted negotiations.

Participants are introduced to our SKATER™ approach, which is designed to quickly build confidence and competence in negotiation management. Through our Kaleidoscopic Preparation methodology, delegates learn how to plan for negotiations thoroughly and consistently. Finally, they explore how to take the initiative, create internal alignment, use power dynamics to their advantage, and manage risks.

Advanced Negotiation

Graduates of our Experienced Negotiator Programme get access to our most advanced solution. This programme ensures your senior commercial teams have the tools and confidence to strategically prepare for and successfully manage multi-phased, multi-party negotiations.

Participants work with two highly experienced commercial negotiation consultants, gaining access to world-class thinking and unique solutions. Using real-world scenarios to mirror competitive negotiation environments, delegates examine their approach to commercial negotiations, learn to enact sustainable behaviour change and leave with new tools and an outlook they can put to use immediately.

Embedding tools

Through our in-depth understanding of how learners learn, we have extended our range and style of interventions

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