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Commercial Capability Leaders Forum!

Thank you to all those that joined us this morning for our Commercial Capability Leaders Forum!

We had a great discussion on the topic of: “What’s the right balance of capability support to achieve your business needs… and have you got it?”.
We reviewed the different resources that are used to achieve business capability needs and their relative impact. 

Our forum expanded on our initial theory that the four main resources at your disposal are the Capability Team, Line Managers, Internal Subject Matter Experts and External Providers, by adding in peer to peer and individual solo learning. We explored each resource in depth and discussed the value they all add and their limitations.
For example: we discussed that if line managers are to be used effectively, then supporting, recognising, measuring and rewarding them is key. Currently, this is done in different ways in different companies with differing results. Our forum members shared their insights on how this is done at their companies which allowed our community to share advice on what works and what doesn’t.

Register your interest for our next forum, here: https://lnkd.in/dB9ru7f

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