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We are passionate about embedding learning at Total Negotiation Group and this is what often makes us unique. Our workshop facilitators supported by our online resources will be there for you and your teams from before the workshop, during the workshop and weeks after to ensure that the delegates learning is embedded into their day job. We ensure line managers are ready to coach and mentor their teams and in many cases, our team do this too.


Ongoing support through embedding is how we lock in behaviour change.  

Following proven methodologies of 70/20/10 and flipped learning we take the learning process from workshop right through to successful live negotiation. Timely coaching, blended with phone and e-mail support, and the unique Total Negotiation Group email nudges mean that participants are better equipped to deal with live negotiations. These early successes re-enforce the learnings and lead to even better commercial outcomes in the longer term.


We offer three embedding support approaches:

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