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Deb Mackiewicz

Deb Mack is a successful and seasoned business professional with over thirty years of deep and broad experience in corporate strategy and finance, brand management, global sales leadership and crisis management. Her background includes successful leadership roles with large and medium sized businesses, including Bank of America, PepsiCo, Kraft Foods, Dawn Foods and Crane Co.

In her management consulting practice, Deb has contributed collaboratively with senior level executives to drive results through innovative business strategies, team productivity training and sustainable improvement systems and processes across multiple global and US-based B2B organizations in a wide variety of industries and geographic markets.

Deb is driven by intellectual puzzles and finding solutions to challenging conundrums. She relishes working with smart people and helping them realize their vision and potential. She deftly blends relentless passion with genuine compassion and sincere commitment to deliver value and insight for her clients’ personal and professional growth.


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