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Tailored capability development across non-commercial functions


Our client wanted to elevate the commercial capability of their engineers (negotiating with foreign airports on turnaround times and safety checks), HR managers (influence their colleagues on resource allocation), senior pilots (negotiating with BALPA), designers, marketeers and many other departments. The challenge was further complicated because many of the managers in these roles did not want to face into “conflict”, especially internally. A step change in approach and building confidence was required. 



We started with an in-depth discovery phase to understand the different roles, languages, and cultures. Following this we tailored our Essential Negotiation programme to create a one-day Commercial Essentials programme, using aviation language specific to our client’s business. Within this programme, we developed tailored case studies, variables and role plays which were relevant to all roles and functions. This Negotiation pathway combined on-line embedding and a structured, incremental approach to improving further commercial skills – all linked back to a consistent framework. 



Following our programme Improvements in contractual procurement negotiations were made on the new Club Class which ensured that budgets were returned to within planned levels saving hundreds of thousands GBP. Our clients HR manpower negotiations have progressed improving worker satisfaction and reducing non-quality costs. There also have been engineering agreements at remote airports that now include a list of “best practice” new variables which resulted in reduced time to agreement, lower costs and faster “tech” turnaround times. 



Our client approached Total Negotiation Group to discuss two key challenges that required resolution To build influencing and negotiation skills in a varied 42,000+ workforce in a timely and cost-effective manner To build those skills in non-commercial management teams dealing with both internal and external counterparts 


TNG took great care to listen and ensure that all material and course content was appropriate for our business. In addition the facilitator was adept at adjusting his delivery to ensure every delegate got what they needed from the course 

I received outstanding feedback from managers at all levels and we had continual demand for more courses, which was all down to TNG’s experience, knowledge and skilled delivery. 

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