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& Embedding

All of our workshops are being delivered virtually or face to face with best in class feedback scores. All programmes are tailored to reflect your commercial challenge.

Embedding support

Ongoing support through embedding is how we lock in behaviour change.  

Following proven methodologies of 70/20/10 and flipped learning we take the learning process from workshop right through to successful live negotiation. Timely coaching, blended with phone and e-mail support, and the unique Total Negotiation Group email nudges mean that participants are better equipped to deal with live negotiations. These early successes re-enforce the learnings and lead to even better commercial outcomes in the longer term.


We offer FOUR areas of embedding:


Our Leading Edge app provides a structured & consistent approach to negotiation planning and alignment.

Ensures all negotiation planning best practice is embedded in the day to day.

Partner App is the mobile version of our negotiation planning approach - delivering our programme on your phone


We are passionate about embedding learning at Total Negotiation Group and this is what often makes us unique. Our workshop facilitators supported by our online resources will be there for you and your teams from before the workshop, during the workshop and weeks after to ensure that the delegates learning is embedded into their day job. We ensure line managers are ready to coach and mentor their teams and in many cases, our team do this too.

Our programmes

Our workshops play a key role in our programme offer.

We are able to offer virtual and classroom workshop solutions.

Our programme offer includes DISCOVERY, to understand more about your commercial needs so that we can tailor the content. The WORKSHOP, delivered by commercial experts, followed by EMBEDDING encompassing a number of learning elements including individual coaching sessions, e-learning, team refresh sessions to ensure your delegates embed the learning. It's through this approach that we make the biggest learning journey impact.


Essential Negotiation

Our foundation programme supporting salespeople, marketers, buyers or anyone who wants to have a solid grasp of negotiation fundamentals by immersing them in the key principles of negotiation planning and implementation.

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Experienced Negotiator

Our flagship programme makes sure your teams have the tools and confidence to influence and manage all negotiations and create value. Ideal for those managing larger teams and multi-faceted negotiations.

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Essential Selling & Negotiation

A thorough and practical introduction and opportunity to practice the key fundamentals of selling and negotiating. Workshop uses a case study to prepare for and manage a customer meeting, creating and delivering a persuasive selling story and negotiating a successful outcome.

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Revenue Management for Customer Managers

Revenue Management is a crucial skill for customer managers to leverage. Our Revenue Management for Customer Managers programme is a world class, proven gamified programme which brings insights, understanding and confidence to all customer managers.

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Strategic Customer Account Planning

Customer plans are often planned taking this years plan and "add a bit". This workshop takes the delegates through the key fundamentals of a first class of a customer or distributor plan, resulting in a 70% complete plan by the end of the three days.

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A fully blended practical programme to establish the key fundamentals of procurement negotiation best practice. An opportunity to apply proven industry negotiation frameworks to strategic sourcing, supplier relationship management and contract management.

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Our clients

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Our online e-learning offer can be used before, during our after our workshops to help embed your teams learning. Following flipped learning principles, our extensive e-learning offer can help introduce the delegate to the negotiation principle before they join the workshop. More often, e-learning is a valuable embedding support as commercial teams take their workshop learnings back to the day job.

Total Negotiation Group's e-learning offer is an extensive embedding tool. Over 50 different learning elements have been created to support the 13 negotiation learning modules. A variety of learning elements cater for different learning styles including: Animations Informal videos Interaction documents Detailed learning documents The LMS learning elements build up to the Learning Game where users test themselves on their knowledge recall, in a fun, visual way.

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Whether you have a commercial challenge or want to find the best way to build your teams commercial capability, please get in touch.