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Angus Mcintosh

Angus is a seasoned, senior procurement professional, with extensive general commercial experience. He spent 23 years at Mars, where he led procurement organisations regionally and globally, serving on the management teams of large regional business units.

He was global CPO at Beiersdorf until 2017 where he led a transformation in procurement performance. Since 2018 he has led the Procurement practice at Total Negotiation Group, working with clients all over the world on both negotiation skills and other procurement challenges.

Angus is great at getting to the heart of issues quickly and offering uniquely challenging and useful insights to delegates and consultancy clients. He can embrace the commercial, analytical and human aspects of a situation and offer well-balanced advice and coaching centred on the learner themselves and their needs. This professional approach hides a dry sense of humour which he deploys to good effect when needed.

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