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Customer planning and selling

Negotiations are lengthy by nature. However, sales teams often try to expedite the process, ultimately leading to the agreement leaking value. We work closely with your customer managers to increase their confidence in their abilities, using data to enable them to challenge objections during negotiations and build profitable customer relationships effectively.

Areas we support


Business Planning and JBPs

Building and executing successful Joint Business Plans takes time and practice. We help you gain an in-depth understanding of your customers’ business strategies — and the role your brands play in executing these strategies — so you can precisely tailor your JBPs to meet their needs.


Selling CPIs

In a time where markets and commodity costs are volatile, Cost Price Increases are vital to long-term and sustainable supplier growth.

We give you the tools you need to create a CPI strategy that aligns with your internal goals and increases the chances of healthy financial returns.


Creating brand stories

A surefire way to create longevity for your brands is to become known among retailers as the go-to partner for category growth. That means not only meeting but exceeding consumer demands.

We help your brand managers develop successful brand stories that engage consumers, fuel category expansion and establish your business as the ideal growth partner.


Innovation launches

To set your business apart from the competition, you must invest in innovations that meet previously unfulfilled consumer needs. Continuous successful launches will deliver great results for you, the category and your retail partners by increasing penetration, frequency, and/or weight of purchase.

Our experts have the experience and tools to teach you how to launch innovations successfully every time.

The results you can expect


Delivery category growth

By devising excellent JBPs that meet your organisation’s strategic goals whilst delighting shoppers, your business will fuel category growth.

Our experts guide your teams on creating plans that are informed by data, are kept accountable by key deliverables and are clearly communicated.


Successfully sell CPIs

Enable your consumer teams to successfully sell CPIs with confidence, encouraging individuals to bring new insights to the table, challenge expectations and handle objections.


Build compelling brand stories

Drive category growth by devising compelling brand stories grounded in robust insights and inspired by the needs of shoppers.


Drive innovation

Create a customer selling structure that enables your team to fully engage your retail partners and prepare for innovation launches that build incremental value for the category.

Our customer planning and selling solutions

Discover our modernised tools and solutions designed to revive the lost art of selling.

Essential Selling and Negotiation Programme

Our practical Essential Selling and Negotiation Programme is designed to help Account Executives, National Account Managers and everyone in between gain the skills and experience needed to manage the selling process from beginning to end.

Participants use an existing case study to practice preparing for and managing a customer meeting, creating and delivering a persuasive brand story and successfully negotiating their desired outcomes. Our proven selling process informs each step, which establishes clear and supportive guidelines for moving smoothly between selling and negotiation. 

Essential Selling Programme

Our practical Essential Selling Programme is designed to help your team quickly master sustainable selling behaviours. Our experts introduce our proven customer-centric selling approach and are on hand throughout to guide practice.

Inspirational Selling Programme

Our advanced Inspirational Selling Programme equips delegates with the skills needed to deploy challenger and category selling approaches designed to provoke clients and create mutual value. Participants are shown how to gather and use insights from a range of sources, including category and shopper data, to challenge thinking and sell compellingly.

Strategic Customer Account Planning Programme

Our interactive SCAP programme is tailored to your team’s needs, providing the approach and platform for cross-functional teams to create dynamic customer-centric plans.

Led exclusively by senior commercial consultants with vast experience in strategic planning, our thought-provoking SCAP programme uses true insight generation to deliver prioritised, clear and aligned customer plans. What’s more, it integrates with your existing operational processes and timings.

Compelling Selling Stories Programme

Suitable for a range of participants, including Key Account Managers, Analysts and Sales Managers, our Compelling Selling Stories Programme provides participants with a clear understanding of how to use data sources to build insights.

Our experts use inspiring industry examples to help delegates understand what makes a great insight, how to identify category growth and how to wield compelling brand stories to drive action. Your team will work on building a data-driven story that speaks to customers and ties in with your business’s wider strategies.

Embedding tools

Through our in-depth understanding of how learners learn, we have extended our range and style of interventions

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