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Category and channel strategy

The quality of your category and channel strategy greatly influences your relationship with retailers. Whether you have an existing strategy ripe for optimisation or need support building from the ground up, we’ll help your team get comfortable gathering and using category insights.

Problems we solve


Category vision and strategy

Consumer behaviours and market trends are changing faster than ever. And organisations with a robust category vision can’t keep up. We help you understand what’s driving change in your categories, uncover how to set your business apart from its competition and enable your team to regularly refresh your strategy.


Expanding category knowledge

It’s no secret that retailers expect suppliers to have a clear category vision and strategy. We help you get to know your category inside-out, uncovering market drivers and opportunities for growth. By showing retailers you understand — and can alleviate — their pressures, you take an important step towards winning their trust.


Building confident commercial teams

Can every member of your sales team talk confidently about your category? Is their knowledge surface-level, or do they share a deep understanding of consumer trends and behaviours? We can help your teams access and absorb the knowledge they need to talk about your business and impress your clients confidently.

The results you can expect

Become a category leader

Get ready to drive real change in your customer relationships by devising channel-specific strategies influenced by each customer’s needs and consumption behaviours.

Optimised sales vision

Re-engage your sales team with its category visions and strategies by increasing awareness of how your consumers, shoppers and channels continually evolve.

Exponential growth

Drive retailer engagement by devising a clear account growth strategy, a customer-facing category vision and initiatives designed to maximise opportunities.

Our category and channel solutions

Discover the tools and solutions your consumer-facing teams need to get on the same page as retailers and optimise category efficiency and conversion.

C-Cubed Programme

In this unique programme, your team will expand their knowledge of your customers, categories and channels with the aim of understanding the importance of category management in growing trading relationships. Participants will learn what it will take to differentiate their team in your customers’ eyes and work on a continual category development plan. And most importantly, we will work with your teams to ensure your plan is successfully implemented with your retail customers.

Category Vision and Strategy Consulting

We work closely with your team to develop a category growth plan. Participants will leave with a clear category vision and supporting strategies informed by insights on consumer and shopper behaviour.

Channel Strategy Consulting

Our experienced industry experts work with your team to create a plan of action based on your established category visions and strategies. Participants will leave with an understanding of how, where and when to execute these solutions.

Embedding tools

Through our in-depth understanding of how learners learn, we have extended our range and style of interventions

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