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You need a negotiation partner who doesn’t work with your competitors and even worse your customers

7th January 2019

As grocery retailers become more extreme in both their approach and demands, you need to ensure you have experienced, proactive and tailored support in place for your customer teams. Our team has a deep understanding of grocery retailers, but Total Negotiation DOESN’T and WON’T work with FMCG retailers.

We continue to keep close to retail by working with non-FMCG retailers, but never a grocery retailer.  Instead we partner with one key supplier in each category and support you throughout the year to maximise commercial benefits.

We develop such a deep understanding with you that we may be helping you agree walk away points. This depth of partnership means we believe it is hard to be objective whilst also advising and working with your grocery retailer customers or your competitors.

We are constantly amazed how many businesses don’t know that their current provider is working with one or even both other sides of the triangle! Have you checked recently who else your current provider is working with?

Partnership approach
The deep partnership approach we have with our supplier clients means they have ongoing access to experienced commercial advice, world class negotiation training and ongoing consultancy support on the key current areas including terms, JBP planning and price rises. Our recent successful engagements have included:

– Over £400k of incremental terms value achieved in 6 weeks with major retailers following a TN terms negotiation workshop and follow up coaching

– More than £1m incremental value achieved through a price rise delivered within 3 months of a TN price rise workshop and follow up coaching.

The best post workshop support
This post workshop support sets TN apart. We really get into the detailed planning and preparation for major negotiations, challenging the approach, role playing the situation, leaving teams more confident, more prepared and ready to succeed.

 “What sets TN apart is the unique follow up support. Having worked with other providers, the TN approach is unique, tailored and the best that is out there.”  UK Sales Director 


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