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Dealing with Different Types of Buyers – The ‘Sunshine Yellow’ Buyer

27th November 2018

Below is an overview of how to recognise and deal with a buyer who has high levels of ‘Sunshine Yellow.

In order to recognise the different types of buyers so you can achieve better interactions, you need to look for clusters of signals, from the different interactions you have with them – such as ‘body language’, ‘appearance’, ‘style’ and ‘voice’.

The diagram below, shows the model and a brief overview of each of the 4 basic types.

For a Sunshine Yellow Buyer, look for clusters of signals from the following…..

Body language: Open / Smiling / Expressive / Animated

Appearance: Colourful / Flamboyant / Cool and trendy / Cluttered desk with group photos

Style: Positive and lively / Approachable / Wants involvement / Starter, non-finisher

Voice: Excitable / Tends to be loud / Talkative / Laughter / Variable inflection

What is a ‘Sunshine Yellow’ Buyer like?

  • – Highly assertive and responsive.
  • – Impulse buyers / low boredom thresholds / short attention span.
  • – They love to buy concepts and will make quick, if not always good, decisions.
  • – They want minimal detail and will therefore not read detailed proposals.
  • – Not good listeners.
  • – Like brainstorming sessions.
  • – Confident and flamboyant.
  • – In negotiations they start off strong but can get bored and will often make a concession just to get things over with.
  • – Once you have gone they will move on to their next project and may forget about you.

How should you deal with a ‘Sunshine Yellow’ Buyer?

  • – Ask open questions – get them talking but control the conversation to keep it focused.
  • – Seek opinions in areas you wish to develop to achieve mutual understanding.
  • – Ensure you are lively and animated to keep them engaged.
  • – Discussion should focus on people as well as facts.
  • – Keep summarising.
  • – Apply enough structure to get to desired outcome.
  • – Close them down today – get some commitment

Obviously this is just a brief insight into how using ‘Insights Discovery’ methodology can help you when dealing with different buyer types but hopefully this has been of interest to you and you will look out for the follow up posts on this subject, to build your awareness and understanding of the other buyer types.

If you would like to find out more on how we incorporate Insights Discovery within our portfolio of capability programmes, or feel this would be of benefit to you or your company, I would love to hear from you.

Good luck with those customer interactions!

Dean Allder


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