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Dealing With Different Types Of Buyers – The ‘Fiery Red’ Buyer

27th November 2018

Below is an overview of how to recognise and deal with a buyer who has high levels of ‘Fiery Red’.

In order to recognise the different types of buyers so you can achieve better interactions, you need to look for clusters of signals, from the different interactions you have with them – such as ‘body language’, ‘appearance’, ‘style’ and ‘voice’.

The diagram below, shows the model and a brief overview of each of the 4 basic types.

So the ‘Fiery Red’ buyer, sometimes known as a ‘Driver’ or ‘Controller’ has the combined preferences of ‘Extraversion’ and ‘Thinking’, which can lead to a style that is difficult to deal with, particularly for their opposite type (‘Earth Green’). Many people think that ‘Fiery Red’ people haven’t got time for you – as their catch phrase of “be brief, be bright and be gone!” would suggest; however, that’s not the case, it’s just that they haven’t got time to waste with you. All the time you are adding value and bringing fresh insight, they will invest time with you – when this stops, they will quickly lose interest. Let’s take a closer look….

How can you recognise a ‘Fiery Red’ Buyer?

Look for clusters of signals from the following…..

Body language:  Focused eye contact / Pointing / Space invaders / Demonstrative

Appearance: Smart / Noticeable / Bold colours / Desk with targets, metrics and trophies

Style: Confident / Task focused / Authoritative / Win at all costs / Un-appointed leader

Voice:  Loud / Staccato / Concise / Fast / “I, I, I, I, I”

What is a ‘Fiery Red’ Buyer like?

  •  – Highly assertive, but not very responsive.
  • – Typical negotiator – tough, uncompromising, doesn’t suffer fools gladly and determined to be in charge.
  • – Drives a hard bargain and wants to win, which can sometimes cause them to come un-stuck in negotiations though, as their competitiveness and ego can often result in them walking away from a deal that could have been agreed.
  • – The want to always be in control.
  • – The can appear to be aggressive if you don’t give them what they want.
  • – They seem unfriendly at first and will often impose time deadlines on meetings.
  • – Don’t want to be your friend, so the typical salesperson will irritate the Fiery Red.
  • – Will often bully the salesperson into submission.

How should you deal with a ‘Fiery Red’ Buyer?

  • – Be assertive. Use eye contact. Stand up for yourself.
  • – Plan to ask questions about and discuss specifics, actions and results.
  • – Always use facts and logic.
  • – When necessary, disagree with facts rather than opinions.
  • – Keep it business-like, efficient and to the point.
  • – Personal guarantees and testimonials are least effective – better to provide options and facts.
  • – Learn how to say no.

As with the previous posts, this is just a brief insight into how using ‘Insights Discovery‘ methodology can help you when dealing with different buyer types. This kind of high level approach can lead to a bit of a gross generalisation, which is why it is important to look for ‘clusters’ of signals, rather than just one or two examples, before determining the buyer’s style and then flexing your style, accordingly, to achieve a more effective interaction with them.

I hope this series of posts have been of interest to you and you will look out for the future posts on this and other commercial capability subjects. Also, if you have found this post to be of interest, please share.

Good luck with those customer interactions!

Dean Allder


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