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Dealing With Different Types Of Buyers – The ‘Earth Green’ Buyer

27th November 2018

Below is an overview of how to recognise and deal with a buyer who has high levels of ‘Earth Green.

In order to recognise the different types of buyers so you can achieve better interactions, you need to look for clusters of signals, from the different interactions you have with them – such as ‘body language’, ‘appearance’, ‘style’ and ‘voice’.

The diagram below, shows the model and a brief overview of each of the 4 basic types.

So the Earth Green buyer, sometimes known as a ‘Supporter’ has the combined preferences of ‘Introversion’ and ‘Feeling’ and some people may feel that this type of buyer is easier to deal with but let’s have a closer look….

How can you recognise an ‘Earth Green’ Buyer?

Look for clusters of signals from the following…..

Body language: Calm / few gestures / relaxed / tactile once familiar / irregular eye contact

Appearance: Dressed for comfort / pastel colours / less brand conscious / desk with plants and non-work items and maybe a picture of a family pet

Style: Values driven / democratic / brings others in / patient & supportiv people focused / avoids conflict

Voice: Softer spoken / diplomatic / slower paced / personal questions

What is an ‘Earth Green’ Buyer like?

  • – Highly responsive, but not very assertive.
    – Prefer friendly relationships to conflict.
    – Lack assertiveness so will agree to appointments and meetings, but this could be a waste of your time?
    – They will tell you what the competition are up to, but what could they be telling the competition about you?
    – They are loyal and unlikely to move to a competitor because that involves a certain degree of conflict and they don’t like to give bad news.
    – Negotiation is uncomfortable for them and they can tend to give everything away.

How should you deal with an ‘Earth Green’ Buyer?

  • – Be their friend.
    – Work jointly, seek common ground.
    – Find out about personal interests and family and genuinely show interest in these areas when you are with them.
    – Use personal assurance and specific guarantees and avoid giving them too many options.
    – Make a conscious effort to be agreeable.
    – Give them low risk solutions.

This is just a brief insight into how using ‘Insights Discovery‘ methodology can help you when dealing with different buyer types, hopefully though, this has been of interest to you and you will look out for the follow up posts on this subject, to build your awareness and understanding of the other buyer types.

At Total Negotiation we use Insights Discovery as a core element within many of our capability engagements, which our clients are finding extremely relevant and value adding for their commercial teams.

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Good luck with those customer interactions!

Dean Allder


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