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6th February 2015

Success in the business world is not just about who has the smartest people, and success is also not all about which companies have the best funding or resources. The single greatest influence on companies who achieve success in the business is preparation. The more prepared a business to confront the many challenges, the more successful it will be.

At Total Negotiation, a defining factor of all our support is the priority and time given to preparation for negotiation. The results our delegates gain from successfully applying our unique, structured approach reinforces why Total Negotiation has grown quickly to become the negotiation skills provider for many of the best performing global FMCG companies.

We know working with Total Negotiation will deliver the following outcomes:

• A prepared commercial team, all using a common and thorough preparation approach

• An aligned commercial team, focused on the right commercial outcomes

• A confident team, practised in the forthcoming negotiation and its possible scenarios

We are able to deliver these outcomes because the negotiation skills course is the very beginning of the development experience, not the end point of building capability. It initiates a relationship delivering on-going support, coaching and mentoring to ensure that the learning not only is embedded in daily life, but continues to grow and develop beyond that.

Established less than 5 years ago, we identified gaps in the market and we developed our innovative offering to meet the market needs:

• Supporting suppliers – we only work with FMCG suppliers, not FMCG retailers (but we know them well

• Tailored programmes – we create a carefully tailored approach to ensure relevance by addressing your business issues and driving sustainable business change, based in real-life and deep experience

Don’t simply trust our word though; here is what some of our partner clients have said:


Total Negotiation was set up and is now run by two partners, with extensive, senior commercial, global experience and a real excellence in creative negotiations; supported by a team of highly skilled commercial facilitators – we do not use career-trainers.

To deliver the best results for your business, through your team, and to drive and embed their negotiation capability, we would like to understand your current issues. To do this, we would conduct a free 60-minute consultation with you and your commercial team to explore the best way to address those challenges, we can also benchmark your current supplier to ensure you are receiving the best and most appropriate negotiation support. Contact us directly to find out more.


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