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Top 10 Questions to ask at the beginning of a negotiation

2nd May 2017

Asking questions at the beginning of a negotiation can help unlock your objectives, variables and alignment and also those of your counterpart. This helps you to identify value. Here are 10 questions to help you at the start of your negotiation. 1. How are you? A simple seemingly innocent question, but one that can let […]

Only proactive suppliers will take maximum benefit from Booker’s acquisition of Budgens and Londis

21st May 2015

Charles Wilson in his 10 years at Booker has made both bold moves and big moves; the acquisition of Budgens and Londis from Musgrave is another such move – and actually returns Budgens back to the Booker family. What does this change mean for suppliers to Booker? We see this change as a chance for […]

Which way will the balance of power sway in the post election negotiations?

23rd April 2015

With the opinion polls for the UK General election remaining stubbornly fixed to a result being ‘no party will have an overall majority’, the focus for some is already turning to the post election negotiations which many commentaries believe will be where the real election result will be determined, as opposed to in the ballot […]

Commercial Negotiation Survey 2015

19th February 2015

Total Negotiation invites you to take part in the Commercial Negotiation Survey 2015 which draws input from across the globe and a variety of business functions to enable us to inform you of the market changes, trends and future business needs, within the commercial environment in which you operate. In a fast evolving business environment, […]

Total Negotiation creates commercial teams with more confidence and better skills that deliver better results

6th February 2015

Success in the business world is not just about who has the smartest people, and success is also not all about which companies have the best funding or resources. The single greatest influence on companies who achieve success in the business is preparation. The more prepared a business to confront the many challenges, the more […]

Stay ahead of the competition

7th January 2015

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph Asda Chief Andy Clarke said he did not think there were too many supermarkets in the UK, but he predicted some change of use where another retailer is invited to use some of the space. He also said there might be consolidation – mergers, acquisitions or failures – […]

Top 10 Negotiation Tips from 2014

8th December 2014

In the spirit of Christmas, we’ve compiled the perfect list of negotiation tips. Something you can reflect on as you think back over your successes this year and a perfect starting point for your negotiation preparations in January when the tinsel has been boxed up and put away for another year. It was tough choosing […]

How can trade terms negotiations benefit from a 3rd party perspective?

12th November 2014

For FMCG suppliers trade terms are typically  a ‘once a year’ negotiation so a great deal of money and opportunity rest on getting them right. Added to the mix is the challenge of aligning terms across channel – or justifying differences – as well as anticipating and insuring against the impact of market forces. (The […]

Can we learn negotiation tips from the movies? Arbitrage

8th January 2014

I recently watched a movie called Arbitrage, where Richard Gere plays a hedge fund manager desperate to complete the sale of his fund to a rival, in time to save his own neck. Without sounding too much like Barry Norman, it is more than just a movie about hedge funds or negotiations. So that we […]


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