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You need a negotiation partner who doesn’t work with your competitors and even worse your customers

7th January 2019

As grocery retailers become more extreme in both their approach and demands, you need to ensure you have experienced, proactive and tailored support in place for your customer teams. Our team has a deep understanding of grocery retailers, but Total Negotiation DOESN’T and WON’T work with FMCG retailers. We continue to keep close to retail by […]

10 Questions to uncover your team’s readiness to negotiate

27th October 2017

As the American racing driver Bobby Unser said “Success is where preparation and opportunity meet”. You want to know if your team is as prepared as possible for their next negotiation to realize the opportunities but you don’t want to distract them from their preparation or to spend too much of your own time asking […]

Mistakes in Negotiation and How to Correct Them

5th April 2017

Here are common mistakes which you should avoid in your negotiations: 1. Fail to listen There are plenty of people with poor listening skills. The capacity to listen is probably the best asset you can bring to the negotiation table. In order to learn more about the other party, you have to listen. Listening is the […]

Which way will the balance of power sway in the post election negotiations?

23rd April 2015

With the opinion polls for the UK General election remaining stubbornly fixed to a result being ‘no party will have an overall majority’, the focus for some is already turning to the post election negotiations which many commentaries believe will be where the real election result will be determined, as opposed to in the ballot […]

Total Negotiation creates commercial teams with more confidence and better skills that deliver better results

6th February 2015

Success in the business world is not just about who has the smartest people, and success is also not all about which companies have the best funding or resources. The single greatest influence on companies who achieve success in the business is preparation. The more prepared a business to confront the many challenges, the more […]


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