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Which way will the balance of power sway in the post election negotiations?

23rd April 2015

With the opinion polls for the UK General election remaining stubbornly fixed to a result being ‘no party will have an overall majority’, the focus for some is already turning to the post election negotiations which many commentaries believe will be where the real election result will be determined, as opposed to in the ballot […]

How can trade terms negotiations benefit from a 3rd party perspective?

12th November 2014

For FMCG suppliers trade terms are typically  a ‘once a year’ negotiation so a great deal of money and opportunity rest on getting them right. Added to the mix is the challenge of aligning terms across channel – or justifying differences – as well as anticipating and insuring against the impact of market forces. (The […]

Grangemouth Petrochemical Plant Negotiation

16th October 2014

Major industrial disputes can often be a rich source of learning for commercial negotiations. This month we look back at the negotiations surrounding the closure of the Grangemouth Petrochemical Plant in October 2013. From an objective point of view, this dispute seemed to have many twists and turns, taking both parties to the brink and […]

Can we learn negotiation tips from the movies? Arbitrage

8th January 2014

I recently watched a movie called Arbitrage, where Richard Gere plays a hedge fund manager desperate to complete the sale of his fund to a rival, in time to save his own neck. Without sounding too much like Barry Norman, it is more than just a movie about hedge funds or negotiations. So that we […]


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