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How to be more creative in negotiation

30th November 2017

Creativity, especially creativity in terms of developing your variables, can increase the value available to you in your negotiations. But how can you develop creative solutions in your negotiations? In this article, we will look, firstly, at how to approach your negotiations creatively and, secondly, at more general exercises you can do to improve creativity […]

If line managers are not involved in the employees’ learning journey, will anything really change?

19th October 2017

Members of your team go on a training course and you are optimistic of them coming back into the business with the new skills and behaviour needed to deliver the commercial priorities. The training they received is aligned to your core strategy and competency model so should be easy to reinforce on the job. However, […]

Which way will the balance of power sway in the post election negotiations?

23rd April 2015

With the opinion polls for the UK General election remaining stubbornly fixed to a result being ‘no party will have an overall majority’, the focus for some is already turning to the post election negotiations which many commentaries believe will be where the real election result will be determined, as opposed to in the ballot […]

Seems more negotiation preparation work is needed at BBC

4th March 2015

We read with intrigue about Rona’s Fairhead’s views on recent BBC star negotiations which seem to show a key step of successful negotiations missing within the BBC organisation, that of alignment. Ensuring internal alignment on the limits that can be reached during a negotiation is key, and by identifying that senior BBC “talent” are having […]

How can trade terms negotiations benefit from a 3rd party perspective?

12th November 2014

For FMCG suppliers trade terms are typically  a ‘once a year’ negotiation so a great deal of money and opportunity rest on getting them right. Added to the mix is the challenge of aligning terms across channel – or justifying differences – as well as anticipating and insuring against the impact of market forces. (The […]


5th January 2014

What can alignment offer you in your negotiations? Alignment can be a significant influence on the balance of power. If you are not aligned as an organisation your counterparts will pick and choose the best offers they get from individual parts of your business. A lack of alignment will undermine your power and your ability […]


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