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How confident are you in the negotiation skills of your team?

7th January 2019


We believe that excellent negotiation behaviours drive incremental profit for businesses. No other skill has quite the same impact. Through training, coaching and consultancy Total Negotiation helps organisations to excel at negotiations and realise tangible commercial results.

We transform the negotiation capabilities for the full range of commercial organisations from global multinationals, domestic key players and start ups. This enables us to keep improving ourselves and share best practice wherever we find it.

We believe that a customer portfolio stretching from GSK and Diageo to Metcalfes Popcorn and GU reflects our flexibility and breadth of experience.

We can help you with:

– Raising the negotiation capability of your team through team assessment, real life training workshops and ongoing commercial support

– Coaching team members to embed learning and get to better deals with customers

– Negotiating the deals you never find time for

– Breaking into new channels/countries of trade

– Raising the negotiation capability of your teams is delivered through our unique combination of integrated programmes, of real world workshops, coaching and hotline support.

Total Negotiation offers 3 levels of negotiation workshop, each designed to significantly improve the negotiation capability of your team:

Essential Negotiation– This is of particular use to salespeople, marketers, procurement or anyone who wants to have a solid grasp of negotiation fundamentals and feel confident to be able to participate in essential negotiations

Experienced Negotiator– This is aimed at commercial people who negotiate as part of their role, whether externally or internally. It is ideally suited for managers who lead their own negotiations.

Advanced Negotiator– This is for negotiators with existing experience who need a deeper understanding of negotiation to deal with challenging customers.

We work with teams on real life negotiation challenges, we tailor, we role play, we focus on embedding, we only provide facilitators with current commercial experience and we always share best practice thinking that we have developed through our global network of clients.

Equipping your team with our negotiation training is shown to usually payback by 10x your investment, what have you got to lose?

Our mission at Total Negotiation is to help clients to realise profit through identifying opportunities for negotiation and embedding excellent negotiation behaviours throughout the organisation


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